Welcome to the Stay Active Program!

Researchers at Children’s Mercy Hospital designed this program to encourage children and families to lead a physically active lifestyle during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The program involves engaging the family with both in school and out of school


In-school activities:

· Throughout the school week, children will receive regular physical activity breaks. These breaks will last a few minutes and encourage children to get up and move through different types of activities while teaching about different aspects of physical activity.

Out-of-school activities:

· Every other week families will receive a newsletter that talks about topics related to

physical activity and that matches the information of the in-school activities. At the

bottom of each newsletter you will also find ideas on how to keep you family activity

and COVID-19 updates.

· In addition to the newsletter, you can opt-in to receive text messages. We will text X

times per week and with specific reminders or prompts to encourage you to be active!

· Finally, we also have a website that includes past newsletters and will have

addition information and resources for your family. You can access the website

here: ciparesearchteam.org/stayactive

Each child will also receive a Garmin device to be worn around their wrist. The Garmin

will help keep track of your child’s physical activity throughout the whole day. We are

excited for this program and to support your family in leading a healthy lifestyle during

this pandemic!

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Each newsletter we will have the ‘Family Activity Corner’ where we highlight different ways to be physically active and/or recommend how to incorporate the content from the newsletter into your physical activity habits! To start off the program, we wanted to share some great physical activity resources in your community

(community resources for PA)

Parent Handout Module 2
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COVID-19 Updates

Current cases in the Kansas City, MO area:

Testing locations: