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Week 8

You Did It! 

THANK YOU for participating in Stay Active. This is the final week of our program so this will be the final week you will receive a newsletter and text messages from us. We hope you enjoyed your time and hope you continue to use what you learned to Stay Active in 2021!

Social support and being active as a family Who is your support network? This program has focused on family support, but it is equally important to have support from outside your family as well. Here are some examples of people you might look to for support:

Family Non-Family - Parents - Teachers/counselors - Grandparents - Friends/coworkers - Siblings - Members from groups (like the gym, faith - Children community, community organizations, etc.)

All people within your support network can help you achieve your physical activity goals! Think back to your goals from last week. What challenges did you face? Is there something someone could have done or said to help you reach your goal? Who can you ask for help with achieving a goal next time?

Being physically active promotes health in EVERYONE. We recommend being active with friends or family members to help you and them stay healthy. Plus, there are some extra benefits when you exercise with your family.

· Exercising as a family is one way you can be exercise buddies for each other. It is very important for children not to feel isolated or different from everyone else. So, this is a great time to get everyone in the family exercising.

· Children learn from example, and most will follow in their parents’ footsteps. You have a very important role in helping your child become active and stay active for life. Be active yourself and display a positive attitude which shows them that being active is fun!

Other benefits to exercising with your friends or family:

· It strengthens bonds and relationships between friends/family.

· It allows you to spend quality time with each other, which is very important in this busy world!

· When people have a shared interest/activity, it gives them something to chat about and provides something the whole family or friend group can do together.

· Family members or friends can help keep each other motivated.

· Many group exercises/sports your child learns in school are competitive in nature. Family exercise provides fun, non-competitive exercise, which all kids can enjoy!”

Family Activity Corner 

Take some time with your child to reflect on strategies or exercises that helped your family become physically active. What things worked really well? What things did not work so well? What were your child’s favorite exercise activities? Make a list of these things. For future planning, try using what worked well to help you all stay active.

For this week, each person in the family picks their favorite exercise, and everyone tries the exercise together!

Brain Break:

· Try video chatting a friend, and complete one of your physical activity challenges that you learned over the past couple weeks with your friend!

· Check out this video: Go to YouTube and search At home P.E. activities for kids or use this link

COVID-19 Updates 

Visit the Stay Active Website for more information and resources

Contact us with any questions or concerns related to the Stay Active Program:



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