Time Drift and Matching Data Across Person-Sensors

General Measurement Topics


Personal Activity Location Measurement System (PALMS)

Physical Activity Measurement


Classifying Active Trips in Children and Adults

Validation of a GPS-based Algorithm and Consumer Wearables

Classifying Sitting Patterns from Hip Accelerometers

Validation of the CNN Hip Accelerometer Posture (CHAP) Method


Trip Mode Assessment from GPS and Consumer Monitors

Measuring Active Travel



Review of Adoption-Ready Classroom Physical Activity Programs

In-School Physical Activity: Review of Existing Physical Activity Programs

Variation in School-Based Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Activity

In-School Physical Activity: Assessment of Variation in Physical Activity Opportunities


Implementation of Classroom Physical Activity after District Adoption

In-School Physical Activity: Implementation of Physical Activity Programs

Adding Family Digital Supports to Classroom-Based Physical Activity

In-School Physical Activity: Evaluation of the Stay Active InterventionVariation in Physical Activity Opportunities



Sedentary Patterns in Hispanic/Latino Youth

SOL Youth


Associations Between Physical Activity-Related Neighborhood Built Environment and Child Weight Status

Neighborhood Built Environments


Sedentary Profiles

Accumulation Patterns in Sedentary Behavior