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Services & Equipment

The Field-Based Physical Activity Measurement Core offers data collection and processing services for field-based physical activity-related projects (physical activity measurements with clinical or community research participants using accelerometers or similar person-worn monitors). The core has substantial expertise in using various field-based physical activity monitors in children and adults and manages an inventory of different monitors that can be rented when available. The core also has expertise in using multiple data processing systems and software and a library of detailed data processing protocols, tools, and macros that can be customized for various purposes and projects.


The core supports measurement, observational, and intervention research and the core’s leadership has supported physical activity measurement for numerous NIH-funded studies, both locally in the Kansas City area and across the US. In addition to supporting the application of physical activity measurement in various projects, the core’s leadership has led and contributed to the development and/or testing of new measurement monitors, algorithms, and systems.

Study design

Assist with physical activity measurement related aspects of study planning and startup.

Monitor rental

The core has an inventory of physical activity monitors that are frequently available for investigators to rent.

Data processing

Tools for processing data to derive end variables for various needs. These services can be stand alone or in addition to any of the other core services.

& more

The core offers additional services and device integration resources. 

What we offer...

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