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Brain Breaks

Elbow Switch: First, instruct kids to touch their left elbow to their right knee, then touch their right elbow to their left knee. Switch back and forth going slowly at first, building speed until they are going at a vigorous pace. Next, do some windmills by standing tall with their feet shoulder-width apart and their arms stretched out. Bend at the waist and touch their right hand to their left toes, then their left hand to their right toes. Switch back and forth. ( 


Set aside a little chat time. Give kids time to do what they really want to do: Chat! Set a timer and let them mingle and chat—video chat is a great option too! This time is a nice release after a sustained period of focus and as a bonus, it’s a great way for kids to work on their social skills. (

Breathe It Out: Have students stand up. he heart rate is typically elevated when stressed. to release tension, teach the students to breathe in through their nose for 5 counts and then breathe out through their nose (not their mouth) for 5 counts.  repeat 10 more times at a steady pace.  For the next minute, have them breathe in positive thoughts and breathe out any negative thoughts.(Fuel Up to Play 60)

Sports Day

Teacher calls out a sport and students describe the sport (ie Baseball: pitcher, batter, catcher, umpire, runner, slide, pickle, throw, catch). Class stands and does the corresponding moves: standing, in a chair, on one leg, while hopping, etc.(adapted from Recess Rocks)

Smart Feet Standing  What to do:

  • Create smooth lesson-to-lesson transitions by directing students to pay close attention to their feet — an act that requires a shift in thinking and concentration. Have kids stand with their feet hip-width apart. Then, ask them to wiggle their toes by pressing them into the floor one by one, big toe to little toe. Repeat, this time lifting toes off the floor one by one, big toe to little toe.

  • Next, have kids spread their toes apart, then squish them together before moving their big toes toward each other. Instruct students to roll to the outside edges of their feet, then to the inside edges. As you perform each step, have students count to 10 to maintain a calming pace.

  • To finish, have kids stand on their tiptoes and then lower back down onto their heels. Repeat, going faster and faster, until the class is reenergized. (

Move Around the Room Like...Kids love these and it gives them such a great opportunity for movement. Here are a few examples:

  • You are playing an instrument in a marching band.

  • You are a circus clown.

  • You are a spy.

  • You are just waking up.

  • You are a famous rock star.

  • You are a baby giraffe.

  • You are swimming at the Olympics.




Call for a little call and response.Pep things up with a little call and response clapping. It’s simple to do and is often used in the classroom to get students’ attention. Simply clap out a pattern that your kids will repeat back to you. Switch out the pattern a few times until everyone is focused and engaged. Alternatively, try a vocal call and response. Sing out a few riffs and have kids echo the tune back to you. (

Yoga Using:


Belly Breathing What to do:

  • Start by having students put both hands on their bellies. Have them close their eyes and think only about their breathing. Tell them to concentrate and feel their stomachs move toward their hands as they take a deep breath in. Then, encourage them to feel their stomachs move away from their hands as they breathe out. Repeat three times or until students feel relaxed and ready for class.

  • To help them practice taking deep breaths, have them imagine a long straw with a balloon attached at the bottom. The straw begins at their nose and ends just below their belly button. Say: “Every time you breathe into your straw, the air travels down the straw to fill the balloon. Imagine you can feel the balloon getting full.”

  • Remember, not everyone breathes in the same way. Some kids are chest breathers. They may find that their bellies and hands move a little differently. Recognize students’ individual experiences, while exposing them to beneficial belly breaths.


Ramp up with a round of cherry pickers.

This easy activity will get your students’ hearts pumping and give their brains a boost. Have them jump up off the ground, then down to the floor into a pushup position. From there, instruct them to hop their feet up into a frog position, then pop up to a standing position. (

Energize in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Get hearts pumping with a quick sequence of exercises. Call out 5 actions for your students to do as quickly as they can. For instance, 5 jumping jacks, 4 pushups, 3 situps, 2 squat jumps, and 1 tree pose. (

Space Junk:  Optional: play Chariots of Fire by Vangelis

“Since the moon has no gravity we are going to walk with floating, slow motion steps. As we go, reach around and collect space junk with one hand and put it into the garbage bag you carry with your other hand”. Alternate hands and add steps:

“There is so much space junk, we trip over it and fall to the ground in slow motion”

With space junk in one hand and a bag in the other, we need to get up slowly without using out hands.”

Use and end of song image “you are being pulled slowly backwards (to your chair) by your fellow astronaut while silently screaming Wooohoooo” (Recess Rocks)


Make Xs and Os.

Walk kids through the following exercise: Sitting in a chair with your feet on the ground and legs together, curl your body into your lap, folding yourself into a tiny O shape. Next, open your arms and legs wide, forming an X shape with your body. Pull back into an O shape, then back out to an X shape. Repeat three times. (

12 Days of fitness Sing and do the following moves to the tune of “The 12 days of Christmas”

On the 12 days of Fitness, my teacher gave to me”

  • 12 Heel Lifts

  • 11 Wiggle Knees

  • 10 Low Squats

  • 9 High Kicks

  • 8 Chin lifts

  • 7 Quick Jabs

  • 6 Heel Taps

  • 5 Jumping Jacks

  • 4 Wrist Rolls

  • 3 Face Squishes

  • 2 Toe Touches

  • And 1 funny bobble head

(adapted from Recess Rocks) 

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