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What is Classroom Based Physical Activity (CBPA)? 

Any activities that get students out of their seat and moving their bodies throughout the day. CBPA does not have to be 30 minute bouts of movement, it can be simple 1-5 minute bursts of activity or 10 minute stretching sessions. CBPA can be used to help transition between subjects or classrooms, it can be pre-planned or a spur of the moment way to draw students back on task.

Why is CBPA Important?

Physical activity has health benefits that go far beyond weight loss and winning competitions. Getting kids active in their classroom can promote lifelong health, boost attention spans and learning, improve mood, and relieve stress. In a typical school day, kids spend a majority of their time in the classroom so providing extra opportunities to get up and moving can help kids reach the recommended goal of 60 minutes of activity in their day!
1. US Dept of Health & Human Services. Move Your Way.
2. CDC Healthy Schools. Physical education and physical activity.


In the classroom

This guide was created in response to teacher's requests for more options for CBPA. It can be used in a virtual or in-person classroom setting.


Each page contains a warm up, main exercise, and cool down guide for school staff to follow.

We want your feedback!

Access our survey HERE.

This resource provides simple and easy physical activity ideas that require very little preparation and no equipment.


These activities can be done with students standing next to their desks and many are adaptable to different ages, abilities, and settings.

This guide provides questions for consideration, key activities, and additional resources, including tools and templates, that teachers and physical activity champions can use to adopt, promote, enhance, and sustain physical activity in the classroom.

Download a step-by-step walkthrough of how to sign your class up for GoNoodle HERE.

GoNoodle helps teachers and parents get kids moving with short interactive activities.

Any teacher, anywhere, can create a free GoNoodle account and start using movement activities right away.

Use social media, such as YouTube and Pinterest, to find even more CBPA ideas for your classroom!

Try these tips to target your search for activities that can be applied to classrooms across all grade levels:

  • Use key phrases such as "classroom physical activity break"

  • Search for specific ages with phrases like "HIIT activity for 5th grade"

  • Check out resources created by other organizations, like this one by 12345 Fit-Tastic!

Get involved

As a part of the Healthy Lifestyles Initiative, 12345 Fit-Tastic! provides resources to families, schools, and community members to promote healthy lifestyles for children of all ages.

The goals of the Healthy Schools Sector Work Group are to increase adoption of programs and policies rooted in best practices and increase access to physical activity and quality physical education in schools.

Learn more about the KCPA Plan HERE.

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