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Active Living

Living an active life is not about starting a diet or being an athlete. It is about finding ways to add physical activity into your everyday routines and into your habits that already exist. You can be active simply by moving around your house or walking out your front door. Here are a few easy ways to add in a little more activity into your busy schedule.

Walking to a local place

Did you know that walking to local spots in or close to your neighborhood is not just good for your body but good for your neighborhood as well? As you start to walk in your neighborhood more you begin to take in the surroundings and become familiar with neighbors and surroundings. This familiarity encourages connection with the place you live and the people you live alongside. Plus – you might even make a new friend or discover a new favorite store or restaurant!

Riding the bus

Riding the busy can help you reach your step goal!

In Kansas City, Missouri riding the bus is free.

House or yard work


Park further away
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