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Meet the team

The FIT4Life team has been conducting physical activity research for 10+ years. Our goal is to support the community in providing programs to support living a healthier lifestyle for everyone!


Jordan Carlson,PhD

Program Director

Jordan lives in KCMO and has worked at Children’s Mercy Hospital for the past 8 years. As a Public Health Epidemiologist, he regularly applies for federal grants to support the health of KCMO communities. He wants all KCMO communities to be places where healthy options are the easiest, safest, and most affordable options, and where all residents live long and healthy lives. He enjoys walking, hiking, and biking around town and experiencing all that KCMO has to offer.

Mallory Moon, MPH

Program Manager

Mallory is always ready to talk about how to better support community health and promoting physical activity.  In her spare time, she enjoys running, spending time with her nieces and nephews, and growing fruits and vegetables in the CM Community Garden


Kacee Ross, MBA

Program Coordinator

Kacee’s research interest includes health equity, health promotion and community engagement. When she is not actively working on research projects, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, watching movies, and supporting the KC Chiefs!

Karynn Glover, PhD

Karynn Glover received her PhD, in Kinesiology from Wayne State University in Detroit. Her research examines how motivation impacts young people’s willingness to participate in physical activity and healthy behaviors. In her free time, she likes to walk her dogs around KC, garden, and go for bike rides

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