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Week 1: Welcome!

Welcome to the Stay Active Program! 

Thank you for participating in this program! Researchers at Children’s Mercy Hospital designed this program to encourage children and families to lead a physically active lifestyle during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The program promotes two types of activities:

In-school activities:

  • Throughout the school week, children will receive regular physical activity breaks. These breaks will last a few minutes and encourage children to get up and move through different types of activities while teaching about different aspects of physical activity. 

Out-of-school activities

  • Every other week families will receive a newsletter like this one that talks about topics related to physical activity and that matches the information of the in-school activities. At the bottom of each newsletter you will also find tips for keeping your family active (see ‘Family Activity Corner’ below), and updates related to COVID-19. 

  • You will receive weekly texts with updates on your child’s step goals and other helpful tips. 

  • Every other Friday you’ll receive a link to the latest Stay Active newsletter

  • Every Sunday you’ll receive a message to reflect on your child’s accomplishments the previous week

  • Every Monday you’ll receive a message reflecting on your child’s accomplishments since day 1 of the program

  • On Wednesdays, you’ll receive a notification if your child is having trouble reaching their step goals that week

  • Finally, we have a website that includes past newsletters and extra information and resources for your family. The website and the newsletters are to support you as you help your child be physically active during this stressful time. As you use both of these resources, be on the lookout for ways you and your child will need to work and learn together. You can access the website here:

We are excited for this program and to support your family in leading a healthy lifestyle during this pandemic! 

Why be physically active?

Research shows that individuals (children & adults) who are physically active are generally healthier, sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day. Physical activity is especially important for children because it can help build strong bones and muscles and can improve their learning abilities. Learn more about physical activity guidelines for kids here.

Family Activity Corner 

In each newsletter we will have the ‘Family Activity Corner’ where we highlight different ways to be physically active and/or recommend how to incorporate the content from the newsletter into your physical activity habits! 

Brain Breaks: Are ideas to get your child moving throughout the day, here’s more information:

  • Check out the handout for some exercises your family can try out this week.

  • 5 Moves to Know: squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, and planks (click on each activity or visit our website to see How-To videos!)

  • Stand up and stretch: have your child stand beside their chair, stretch their hands high for a few seconds, then lower them towards their feet to stretch low. Next, they can place their feet a little further than shoulder width apart and do the same thing with their hands, stretch them high and low for a few seconds each.

  • Have your child do these things every few hours to take care of their body and mind – you can do them too!

50 ways to get your kids moving!
Download • 604KB

COVID-19 Updates 

Visit the Stay Active Website for more information and resources.

Contact us with any questions or concerns related to the Stay Active Program:



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