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from Children's Mercy

Week 5

Setting Boundaries

Achieving long-term success may require you to set boundaries with your time. Don't be afraid to prioritize your health goals and recruit the help of others in your life to make sure you are successful.

Here are some ideas for how you can set boundaries in your personal life in order to give yourself more time to be active.


Maintaining a work-life balance will allow you to prioritize your goals outside of your job. Try scheduling times to get to and leave work and stick to them. If your job allows you to take breaks, use them to be active by taking a walk around the building. 


Talk to your partner or family members about your goals and set up a time that is just for you to be active. Let family members know of the importance of this dedicated time and that you will be there for them afterwards. If you have trouble separating this time, get them involved! Go for family walks or play games together as a way of getting the whole family moving.


Be open with your friends about your goals and let them know of time you have dedicated to being active. If you need to, turn off your phone to reduce distractions. To keep yourself accountable, you may consider asking a friend to be your exercise partner or help with goal tracking!


Incorporate activity into your household chores! Try to set a goal of no more than 30 minutes of inactive chores before getting some activity. While you're cooking can be a great time to turn up the music and dance to get your blood pumping. Or, instead of sitting while folding laundry, try standing and doing squats or lunges while folding.


With the convenience of the internet at our fingertips, a lot of time can be lost to our phones and social media. To reduce your sedentary time, try to limit your screen time overall. A good rule is no more than 30 minutes between chances to be active. Depending on the type of phone you have, you may be able to set a screen time limit through your settings!


Between work and family/friends, it can be easy to overextend ourselves and feel as though we do not have much time to be active. Be selective in the time you commit and don't be afraid to say no. Being clear and consistent will help you stick to your goals and prioritize your time.

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