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from Children's Mercy

Week 3

Types of Activity

There are countless ways to be active! Engaging in different types of activities utilizes different muscles and can keep you from getting bored with your routine. Here are some easy ideas to incorporate into your daily schedule.


Walking is the easiest way to be active! You already have everything you need to get started and it can be done anywhere.

It is recommended that adults aim for 10,000 steps a day - that's roughly 5 miles


All the benefits of an aerobic workout with less stress on your joints. Biking can be a fun way to build muscle while also working on your balance!


When setting your goals, consider adding jogging to your list! Jogging helps improve cardiovascular health by increasing blood flow throughout the body.


In addition to being a fun summertime activity, there are many health benefits to swimming! If you have back or knee pain, swimming offers a great way to be active without putting stress on your joints.

Strength Exercises

Improve your muscle tone and endurance by incorporating basic strength exercises into your routine. Body weight exercises (such as squats, pushups, and planks) are easy and convenient to do anywhere!


Have a hard time being active on your own? Playing sports with friends or family is a great way to be active! Whether it's organized sports, like football or soccer, or playing a game of tag outside, you'll feel great after moving your body!


Calm your body and manage stress by practicing different yoga poses. Yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, and posture and emphasizes the importance of connecting with your body.

Check out some stretches for all fitness levels here - Harvard Health Dynamic Stretches.


Make being active an adventure by taking a hike! Whether you're just taking a stroll or ready to go for miles, hiking a great way to get moving and have fun!

Need help finding a trail? Use All Trails - Missouri to find the closest one to you!

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