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from Children's Mercy

Week 2

motivation to be active

There are many reasons to live an active lifestyle! Being active has great effects on your health and can influence others to be active too. Check out these tips for more motivators to be physically active.

Family & Friends

Being active together gives you time to connect with family members or friends.

When we have others to encourage us, being active becomes much easier! You don't have to go to the gym to be active, try to incorporate active time into your daily routine and have family and friends participate with you. Having accountability to others will help you reach your goals and have fun while doing it.

Leading by example is also a great way to influence kids to lead active lives as adults! Simple activities such as playing outside, going for walks, or riding a bike are great ways to start.

Having fun

Make your favorite activities active ones!

Any activity can become an active one with a little creativity. Being active is a great time to try new things and learn new skills. It can also make your daily routine more fun when you have the chance to move your body!

Even someone with a busy schedule can find ways to fit in some active time. Cooking dinner? Try stretching or dancing in the kitchen! Need to do household chores? Make it a game and involve the family!

Faith & Religion

Being active is a great way to take care of your body and connect with your faith.

Your physical and mental health are essential to your spiritual well-being. Show appreciation for your body's abilities by actively maintaining your health through regular physical activity.

The time you spend being active can also help strengthen your connection to God - use the time you devote to activity to reflect and pray. Activities that emphasize focus on breathing, such as yoga or stretching, can be great tools in practicing mindfulness for your body and spirit.


Look good and feel good! Being active has numerous health benefits.

Last week we highlighted the many benefits being active has on your body. Regular physical activity helps manage weight and lowers your risk for developing many chronic diseases while also improving mood, sleep, and concentration!

To review the benefits of activity on your health, click here to go back to Week 1.


Being active can give you opportunities to try new things.

Physical activity can happen anywhere - home, work, a park, the grocery store - you just have to be creative! Going to a new location can be a great way to keep your routine from getting boring and allow you to explore a new place. Getting out of your comfort zone may also offer a different perspective on your routine and help you create new goals.

Every day holds an
 opportunity to try something new, so don't be afraid to try new things! You might be surprised how much you enjoy them.


Push yourself by setting goals.

Goal setting can be a great tool to create a plan for increasing the amount of physical activity you are getting. As you work toward them, goals allow you to track the progress you've made so far and stay engaged in your plan.

Remember to make your goals realistic and don't be afraid to start small. Understanding your personal motivations is a big part of long-term success, so be honest with yourself.

Need help setting goals? Learn more about goal setting here.



Build confidence and strength!

As you set and meet goals for yourself, you'll undoubtedly experience a sense of accomplishment! As you are more active, not only are you improving your health and physical well-being, you should also be looking and feeling better. Be proud of yourself for your accomplishments and use your growing confidence as a motivator to stay active.

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