Welcome to the Stay Active Resource Portal!

What is the stay active program? 

  • A Stay Active study team member will provide a 10-minute live physical activity lesson to each classroom 2 times per week

  • The lessons will be delivered through the school’s video conferencing platform and scheduled based on the teacher’s preferred timing and frequency

  • Each lesson gets kids moving (whether they are at home or in the classroom) and ends by transitioning them back to learning

  • Parents will receive access to the Stay Active website and a newsletter every 2 weeks that contains tips for their child to stay active

why stay active?

Physical activity provides extraordinary benefits to children. In addition to supporting physical development and disease prevention, physical activity improves mental and emotional health and learning and cognition. Teachers often notice improvements in students’ attention, learning, and positive behavior in the classroom. We recognize the challenges children, parents, and teachers are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These challenges result in fewer opportunities for children to be physically active, so the Stay Active program seeks to provide new opportunities to fill these gaps.