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from Children's Mercy

Week 4

Overcoming Obstacles

Set yourself up for success by coming up with a plan for being active! Lots of things can get in our way when trying to make a change - take time to think about what challenges you might face and how to overcome them.

Here are some typical problems many people face when being active. Can any of these be applied to your life?

Discomfort When Exercising

As you exercise, you may find some activities are more difficult for you to complete than others. Whether you're too tired, too sore, or just not in the mood, you don't have to skip the workout. Moving your body a little is better than not at all. If you are struggling with a high-intensity exercise, such as jogging, switch to a lower-intensity alternative, such as walking or swimming! Check out these tips from Livestrong for some more ideas for low-intensity exercises.

Don't forget! As you're active, pay attention to your body and don't skip on the warm ups! Stretching before an intensive workout can help prevent injuries.


If you have a busy schedule creating time for exercise may be a challenge, but remember, you don't have to exercise continuously for it to count! Try incorporating activity into your daily tasks or scheduling in breaks in your day to be active, such as at lunch or after work.

Taking short walks throughout the day or practicing some body weight strength exercises can be easy ways to fit in a bit of movement. Have extra time in your day usually devoted to watching TV? Use that time to fit in a walk or bike ride. Including friends or family can be a great way to spend quality time together while being active!


Extreme weather in Kansas City can be a challenge any time of year. If the heat or cold are keeping you inside, try to be active indoors. Body weight strength exercises, walking/jogging in place, or stretching exercises are easy to do and don't require a lot of room!

Lack of Opportunities

Any activity can be an active one with some creativity! Try incorporating simple exercises into your existing routine or make time to try something new. Local community centers may offer free, fun exercise classes near you or take a look at All Trails - Missouri to find a great hiking trail!

Don't have time? Everyday tasks may offer great opportunities to add in some exercise. For example, talking on the phone can be a great time to go for a walk or practice body weight squats. Or, if you're going shopping, park your car further away in the parking lot to get some extra steps!

Lack of Energy

Somedays exercise can feel like a chore. If you're feeling low on energy or motivation, start small. Go for a walk or stretch your limbs until you feel recharged. Your body will thank you for putting in the effort!

One of the benefits to being active is increased energy, so don't give up! As you keep working toward your activity goals, getting up and moving will become easier and you may find yourself looking forward to a workout!

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